Do Moonlet products have added sugar?

Never. We source the highest quality fruit and dry it at the right point of ripeness so you get the perfect amount of sweetness coming through without having to add absolutely anything.

Are Moonlet products Organic and Non-GMO?

Yes! All of our fruits are certified USDA Organic. This also ensures that our product is Non-GMO.

Are Moonlet products Gluten Free and Vegan?

Yes! There is nothing added in our products, it is just fruit.

Is there sulfur in your dried fruits?

We do not use sulfites or any preservatives, our fruit is 100% natural. Because we don’t use preservatives you will see that our fruit’s color and texture changes with time, this is a normal part of the aging process!

How are your fruits dried?

We dry our fruits in ovens at a controlled temperature and to a specific level of humidity. This allows us to offer you a product of even quality and consistency.

What does single origin mean?

This means that we source our fruit from one single geographic region and only use one variety per fruit. This is important because we are able to guarantee consistency in our product. If we mixed different varieties of fruits or even the same variety from different countries then you could be getting very different tasting fruit in one single bag.

Where do your fruits come from?

We get all of our fruit from Peru where we are from. Our family has been in agriculture for decades, this allows us access to sourcing the highest quality fruit. 

What is the shelf life on your products?

The flavor and texture of our fruit satisfies our quality standards by the expiration date on our product bag. We recommend storing them in a cool dry place to preserve them best.

Do you have a question you don’t see listed above?

Reach out to us through our Contact Page.

Do you work with influencers and bloggers?

We’re always happy to connect with fans of our products, drop us a line through our Contact Page.

How do subscriptions work?

Sign up for recurring subscriptions and save 15% off each order. When you add the subscription to your cart, you have the option to select delivery every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks. You can log into your account at any time to manage, pause, or cancel your subscription. 

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

Log into your account with the email you used for your subscription order, on the right hand side under account details you will find a section that says "Manage Subscriptions" you can manage, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.